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It is our pleasure to welcome you to OCDetail's online University. The tuition for this university is only the desire to learn. The methods and procedures that will be outlined in these pages are just one way of doing it and we encourage you to try them and add your own as well.  We are firm believers here at OCDetails that the perfect shine is more than just the right products. It is also a tried and true process that puts years of combined experience from detailers all over the world to use. If you are looking for a single wonder product to do it all, then your search is in vain. Take the time to learn the process and then all those products that you have will actually produce the results that you are looking for.

Again, we welcome you to OCD-U and hope that you enjoy the information here. Please feel free to send any comments about the articles or guides here to We appreciate any feedback that you can provide. 

All articles and guides are copyright © 2006 OCDetails. Please do not distribute the content contained without permission from OCDetails administration. To discuss copying and reposting, please contact Anthony at is a proud supporter of the OCD University! Check them out!

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