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The 5th Annual OCDetails Spring Cleaning Event

Saturday, May 12, 2006

10:00 am - 2:00 pm


This year we will be learning about oxidation removal, swirl removal, and weíll throw in clay bar use and engine detailing for good measure. :) The event will be held at my house, as usual, and will begin at 10:00 am.  Iíll have two vehicles half detailed so that we can see what the potential is, and then weíll be learning the process of completing the other halves.  It is sure to be a fantastic time with lots of learning for everybody!

Please RSVP and email if you are interested in attending. Sponsors this year include and  Products used in this event will be available at those vendors at special OCDetails Spring Cleaning pricing.

Directions on how to get to my house can be found if you scroll down a bit.  The easy way to get here is to put in the following address in MapQuest.

5127 S Applewood Drive   Taylorsville, UT   84118

I hope to see a great turnout this year! Let me know if you have any questions!


The 4th Annual OCDetails Fall Show has been rescheduled for Spring of 2007. 

I know what you are thinking... How can a fall show take place in the spring, right? Well, it canít. That is why from now on it will be the Spring OCDetails Show.

Due to life events for the organizers of this show, it is necessary to change it this year.  However, the change is for more reasons than just that.  By having the show in the spring it will give everybody motivation to restore their vehicles from the brutal winter as soon as possible.  The Spring Show will be after the annual Spring Cleaning day and we expect that the participation of this show will be much better than in the fall. On top of that, winter seems to be coming early this year and we simply cannot predict what it will do in the next couple weeks.  Rather than have a disappointing event, it is better that we reschedule it.

So look forward to spring! We will have an Obsessive Compulsive Details event like none other!!  We will still have a fall show in 2007, but it will be earlier in the fall. Perhaps even late August or early September.  It is important to OCDetails that those of you who truly care about the condition of your vehicle year round get the type of recognition you deserve. Thank you for your participation in years past and I hope to see you all in the spring of 2007!

For our 3rd show we have chosen a new location.  Traditionally we have always held the show at Sugarhouse Park. This year we thought weíd try something different and hold it at one of my favorite parks in the valley. 

Please join us this year on October 1st for the 3rd Annual OCDetails Fall Show at Crestwood Park!


Remember... MAPQUEST is still your friend.


The specific address is 7485 South 1700 East.  There is nearby access to the 2-15 freeway as well as close access to the I-15 freeway. Just remember... Salt Lake is set up on a grid system.  If you canít find a location with coordinates like 7485 South 1700 east then you must not be from around here. ;)

This yearís show will once again be judged by the spectators!  If you have ever wondered if your car was a crowd favorite even though it didnít win the show, well here is your chance to be the crowd favorite AND win the show!  No other car show in the valley is judged like ours and no other car show in the valley shows cars as clean as ours.  If your car is in mint condition then you need to come out and be recognized.

Bring your friends and family for a fun afternoon at the park! There is plenty of room for the kids to run around if they would like and there is a fantastic playground for them as well. Please join us for our 3rd Annual Fall Show and see how much fun obsessive compulsive detailing can really be! We look forward to seeing you there!

Certificates will be awarded in other categories such as Best Performance Modifications, Best Customization, and the always fun Your Grandma Wants Her Car Back award.


Show Schedule:

11:30 Registration and final car preparations

12:30 Judging officially begins

2:00 Votes are counted and winners determined

2:30 Winners announced and awards given

The 2005 OCDetails Spring Cleaning Event should be our best event yet. Anthony has a new house in Taylorsville where the event will be held and we will have more room than ever.  Planned workshops include instruction on Clay, Polish, Sealants/Waxes, Interior detailing including carpet cleaning, and Engine detailing.

The event is planned to run from about 10:00 till probably around 3:00.  A grill will be on hand, but its a BYOM kind of deal. Unfortunately Anthony will not be able to run a grill and demonstrate detailing techniques.  If you want to bring some dogs and buns then Iím sure we can get something going. Drinks will be on hand because detailing is thirsty work.  Anthonyís house is close to a lot of places to get grub if you feel like breaking away for some lunch.  Perhaps a drive could be arranged...

The address to be at is 5127 South Applewood Drive in Taylorsville.  84118 is the zip code if you want to put that in and get directions. Its really easy to find. Its right between 4700 South and 5400 South about a block or so east of 3600 West. The easiest way to get there is to head west on 4700 South and turn left on 3600 West.  Head South till you drive over a canal with a chain link fence on both sides. The first left is Ridgecrest.  Turn left there and then take the first right on Applewood. Anthonyís house is in the middle of the block on the left.

The other way to get here is to come down 5400 South and turn North on 3600 West.  You can go all the way up to Ridgecrest and turn right, or you can turn right at Churchwood and then just hang a left on Applewood. If you drive a lowered car it is not suggested that you come in on the South end of Applewood like this. There is a rather steep dip that may cause some scraping.

Here is a handy map for those of you who know the area.  Please park facing the proper direction on Applewood.  We donít want to cause any more problems for neighbors than having all these cars around is going to cause. 

Call Anthony at 671-4476 if you get lost. Email Anthony at if you have any questions regarding this event.

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