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Welocme to the OCDetails University Contributors section of the site.  These are articles that were submitted by some very talented people who wanted to share a some of their obsessions with the rest of us.  Everybody knows at least one thing a little better than the average bear and we thank those who have willingly allowed us to share that knowledge with our vistors.  Thank you to all of our contributors!

If you would like to see your work featured on, please send an email to and we would be happy to review your submission.  Thank you for making OCDetails a more dynamic website with your submissions!

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All material found here is the property of the individual creators.  Reproduction is not allowed without the expressed permission of the author.  Permission to reproduce other articles on the website is not permission to reproduce any of the articles contained in this section. The OCDetails staff are not the creators of these articles and do not have authorization to allow reproduction. Please contact for information if you  need to reach the individual authors.

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