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Clear Guard

I had custom corners made for my 2005 Legacy GT Limited. I had originally just cut out the shape I needed from a full headlight cover, but it was rough cut and not very professional.  Clear Guard took notice of the design and had a template made to cut them more professionally. These look much better.

I also got a set of smoked tail light covers from Clear Guard.  These are the Ďstacked ovalí version of their covers. Holes are cut in the tint to let more light come through.  That is important to me.  I wanted to mute the overall appearance of the tails without making them dangerous. The last thing I want is for someone to rear end me because they canít see my brake lights.  I think these worked out great. Iím really pleased with the quality and fit of everything.  I couldnít be happier with the look of my car now.

Here is the passenger side before.

Here is the passenger side after.

The driver side is smoked and the passenger side is stock. I think the difference is very nice. It actually doesnít even impair the light that much.  It just mutes the brightness of the orange corners and helps it blend into the dark blue better.

Even with the lights on I donít think it is blocking enough light to even worry about. These are totally visible from any distance that they were visible before the tinting.  Its just a much better looking front appearance I think.

The tint on the tail lights makes the car look soooooo much better.  Ever since I bought the car I havenít been a fan of the bright red tail lights. Its the fact that the lights are covered with a clear plastic that gives them a crystal appearance.  I donít like that very much.  I would have rather just had them be dark red.  It doesnít matter now because I have everything I wanted in appearance with this tail light kit from Clear Guard.  The holes cut in the tint allow more light to come through than if it was solid.  That will help with visibility during the day.  I really donít want to cause a safety hazard just because I want the car to look different. The light isnít even hindered much from the reverse lights with this kit. I could probably get a brighter bulb and not even notice a difference. Itís just a great  kit that is functional as well as good looking.

These next pictures are my favorites.  This car looks so good in the sun and these smoked covers make it look even better. Iím glad I already own this car because if I didnít have one and I saw these pictures then I would be in trouble.  This is now officially my favorite car.

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