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OCDetails has been detailing cars across the Salt Lake City valley for since 1997. It began with Anthony in the driveway of Dylan Hardman. Back then the plan was to call it "Guido Dylanovich Garage and Car Wash". Dylan was good with a wrench and Anthony knew how to wash a car. So they would get together on weekends and tune and detail. Many products were tried and tested during the time that Dylan and Anthony were hanging out. Some were very successful and others were disappointments and were tossed.

Anthony began detailing on his own in the fall of 1999. The working title of the business was called "ProAuto Detail". Gaining clients at work, he soon was able to create something that we now refer to as "the process". This process was created to swiftly be able to move from one car to the next and still get the job done right. In the detailing industry we have learned that time is money. If a job is priced at $45 and it takes us an hour to complete it, then we are obviously making more money than if we took 4 hours because of an inefficient process. Over the course of dozens of details, this process was refined and is still what we use today.

Most clients are still obtained by word of mouth advertising. If you can't tell we are obsessed about car care by looking at our cars, then certainly somebody else will spell it out for you. You can most frequently see us out in the parking lot cleaning off bird bombs or dusting the surface. Obsessive car care is what we are all about. We bring this same sense of quality and obsessive attention to details to your car. Whether it is your daily transportation to and from work or if it is your treasured show car, we will treat it with the same care and attention that we would treat our own cars.

Originally designed as a mobile detailing service, OCDetails has done most of our work on site at the homes of our clients. All we require are water and power and we can provide the rest. We don't use strange chemicals or unmarked bottles. The products we use on your car are the same products we use on our own cars. They are products you could easily order yourself if you wanted to do the upkeep on your car yourself. Our main goal is to make you feel that we take care of your vehicles as well as we would care for any of our own personal ones. We will care for your car in your driveway as if we were at our own home and working on our own car.

If proper car care is your goal as well, then we hope that the information on this site is helpful. We will keep this site updated on dates of future get togethers and detailing trainings. Frequently we have our past clients and enthusiast detailers out for some fun. Workshops involving different detailing techniques and product testing are the subjects of these meets. We are always pleased to see new faces. Stay tuned for our next get-together!


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