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05 Legacy GT For Sale

For Sale

2005 Subaru Legacy GT Limited

SOLD $22,500 SOLD

We are expecting our second child in July and my priorities have shifted from needing a car that is faster and better than anything else I have ever driven to needing something that will comfortably and safely hold my family while still having the room needed for strollers and such. Sadly, the Legacy isnít that vehicle.  So after about a year and a half of ownership, I have to say goodbye to my smooth and sexy looking Legacy GT.  There is nothing wrong with this car that would cause me to want to get rid of it other than a need for something larger. Please take a look at what I have to offer with this car and consider what your needs are as well.  Call 801-671-4476 to discuss or make an offer on this car.

I added the OEM bug/rock shield to the car to protect it from the rock chips that plague every car on the road.  Because of the dark color of my car, the shield blends in and is barely noticeable. What is noticeable is that the edge of my hood isnít all chipped up or covered in bug guts.

Shown here are the JDM additional engine covers that are only found on Legacys in Japan. The large one covering the engine is normal as well as the scoop for the intake and the one on the top right covering the fuses.  The other two covering the wiper fluid and power steering fluid are the additional covers.  You can also see the strut tower bar that I installed to improve handling.

The voltage gauge and the boost gauge are installed behind the cubby between the vents.  The door is closed in these pictures and that conceals the gauges. These gauges are easily removed if you do not want them.  No cutting was done anywhere to enable these gauges to be installed.  They can be removed without anyone ever knowing they were there. Also you can see the WRX pedals  with matching dead pedal that are installed.

Please call Anthony at 801-671-4476  if you have any questions about this vehicle. I am more than happy to answer any questions and consider any offers for my pride and joy.  This has been a fantastic car to drive and own.  I get nothing but looks of envy on the road with it.  I have done my best to make this car stand out from other Legacy GTs that you may be considering.  The additional features I have added are several hundred dollars worth of appearance upgrades that you wonít have to search for.  They may also all be removed without anyone ever knowing they were there.  Thank you for considering my car.  Let me know if you have any questions.

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